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Jennifer Lacey
Citrus Heights
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In Memory of
Kenley Scott Stanesic
Date of Birth: 07/14/2008
Date of Death: 09/15/2008

On July 14th 2008 we were blessed with identical twin boys, Kaleb & Kenley. Although they came 5 weeks early they were strong and perfect! On September 15th 2008 a curve ball hit our life, that still haunts us to this day. We woke up to find Kenley wasn’t breathing. I immediately began CPR and called 911. At the hospital the doctors broke the news that they were unable to revive my baby boy. We lost a part of us that day that we will never get back. When I discovered the Spring for SIDS foundation in 2010 it gave the loss of my son new meaning. Since then I have dedicated myself to spreading awareness and raising money each year to contribute to the mission of finding a cause and cure for SIDS. Until answers are found I will continue to stand up and remain hopeful that one day we will know how to stop this and one day put an end to the pain SIDS has caused us.