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  • Spring-for-SIDS 2016

    A national series of events geared towards increasing awareness and raising funds for research.

    We are making great progress, but we need your help!

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  • Participate in a Spring-for-SIDS Event

    Teams all across the country are hosting various events, including Walks & Runs, Golf Tournaments, Auctions and team challenges.

    Attend one and show your support for SFS!

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  • Support a Spring-for-SIDS Team

    Show your support for your favorite team by making a donation today!

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SIDS and other sleep related deaths take the lives of about 4000 infants in the US each year. Through research we will learn about the medical vulnerabilities that make infants more at risk for death. And hopefully soon we can end these deaths.


Put a Spring in your Step … add a little Sunshine to your heart and Spring for SIDS by wearing your favorite Spring outfit and your SFS sticker.

All proceeds go to The American SIDS Institute, which is dedicated to the prevention of sudden infant death and the promotion of infant health through research, education and family support.


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