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Paige Hipp
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In Memory of
Sky Charles Hipp
Date of Birth: 11/24/2008
Date of Death: 03/17/2009

On November 24, 2008 the most beautiful baby boy, Sky Charles Hipp, was born at 4:17am. He weighed seven pounds exactly and was eighteen and a half inches long. He had his daddy’s big beautiful blue eyes and his mommy’s long fingers and toes. He was the light of our life and a new blessing and bundle of joy to both of our families. We were the most proud parents and the happiest people in the world. Sky was perfect and nothing could stop us… we had it all.
On March 17, 2009 that was all taken away and Sky became our Angel. I went into Sky’s room that morning to check on him to find him not breathing, I picked him up knowing he was gone but still I remember calling his name over and over believing it was a dream and believing he would wake up…… or I would wake up. I remember opening the front door to our home and screaming as loud as I could for someone to help me……..I remember calling my husband but I don’t remember what I said. He says all he can remember from that day was hearing my scream when he answered the phone. The scream that you hear about or see in the movies….it is real. I remember our yard being full of people, some that I knew and some I didn’t. The last thing I remember is my husband holding me with my face buried in his chest as they carried our precious little boy out of our home forever.
In the blink of an eye our world changed forever, life as we knew it was over, and our healthy three month and three week old baby boy was gone. We have so many memories of Sky, he was so happy and so full of life. My husband and I had a plan…..a plan to give him the world….but our plans changed. We think now of all the things Sky could have done or could have become. He would have been a big brother now…..and to think of our family without him….there are no words to express how that feels. We dreamed of having a little girl later in life so that Sky could be a big brother, but we dreamed that thinking he would be here to do so. We will ALWAYS have our memories but now Heaven has our dreams, and our sweet baby girls Lakyn & Willow’s big brother Sky watches over them from afar.
Nothing we do will bring Sky back, all we can do now is channel all of our hurt, anger, and our unconditional love that we have for him into finding answers and raising awareness for SIDS. In a perfect world no parent should ever have to bury their child. To lose anyone that you love is almost unbearable, but to lose them and not have an answer as to why or a reason at all is even worse. No one should ever have to go through the pain that my husband and I and our families have endured over these past nine years, yet 2,500 families go through this same pain every year.
The truth is SIDS.Causes.Heartache.(S.C.H.) and that is our team name which is also our son’s initials S.C.H., Sky Charles Hipp. All of our fund raising events are In Loving Memory of Sky. We hold multiple events every year in both Arkansas, our home state, & Texas, where we live now. This year is our 9th Annual SIDS.Causes.Heartache. Fundraising Event we hope not only to achieve awareness and raise money for SIDS research but we also want to remember all of the Precious Angels we lose to SIDS every year. We are fighting to end that tragedy so that we can keep our babies in our arms and not just in our hearts…… so that no more hearts have to hurt and so that every baby can take their first steps and celebrate their 1st Birthday…. Saving Babies… One Step at a Time. Please join us in this fight and Thank You for your time.


Clint, Paige, Sky, Lakyn, & Willow Hipp

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