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Shannon Perry
Marcus Roberts
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In Memory of
Marcus Alexander Roberts Jr
Date of Birth: 05/11/2017
Date of Death: 10/26/2017

Losing a family member is never easy but losing a little person, a child is a lot worse. We often think why? what has this innocent child done to have his life taken so suddenly? Whether you’re religious or lean on scientific belief , our hearts still break when we hear of an infant’s death.
Marcus Alexander Roberts Jr. was born May 11, 2017 and for 5 months he was a joy to anyone who met him. Tiny hands, fat cheeks and a precious smile, nicknamed Mj and/or Jr this little person was a true blessing. October 26,2017 Jr. was pronounced dead, cause of death Sudden Infant Death. Parents ask questions, people cry, family asks for prayers during this hard time but the elephant in the room is SIDS how can we have a name for something when we hardly understand or know what it truly is? Family and friend of Jr. have taken an oath to raise money and donations to help the American SIDS Institute research, educate and prevent SIDS.

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