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Gracie Gives

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Kaitlin Miller
Prior SFS Events:
In Memory of
Grace Margaret Baker
Date of Birth: 12/04/2015
Date of Death: 06/10/2016

There are many misconceptions about SIDS. In the US, there are about 4,000 sudden infant deaths each year, and about 1/2 of these losses are due to suffocation or other causes. Grace’s case fell into the other category: Sudden Unexplained Infant Death. There was no clear cause of Grace’s death, which is why it is so crucial to support the American SIDS Institute. Grace’s tissue is being used by Dr. McEntire and all of the other tireless researchers at the institute who are working to prevent other families from experiencing such loss.

Many families are unaware that they are able to donate tissue to the American SIDS Institute after the loss of their baby. The researchers need more resources and more advocates in order to continue their work.

The world will never know another Grace Margaret, but it is our hope that her legacy will be one of generosity and love. Please consider supporting the American SIDS Institute.

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