Jaylens 11th birthday

Friends & family event

This fundraiser is in honor of my son Jaylen you can feel free to donate when ever you would like. But I will do this yearly on his birthday always a balloon or lantern release. This year is different we will be adding this to our tradition. I m excited to what we can raise anything helps!!! I will also be creating an even on my FB page with the date of the balloon release i will provide some balloons but feel free to bring your own. I will also have stickers for those who donate. I will have info on SIDS and safe sleep and clips hopefully to pass out. I want to get this info out their to parents! I appreciate anything you do!!

There will be water and cake provided. Im putting "park" in the location just until I find 1 lol If to u cant come its okay any donation to this foundation will be appreciated!