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Sids Prevention and Awareness Month

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I am a single mother who lost my youngest son on March, 23rd, 2017 to SIDS, 14 days after his first birthday. I have wanted to get involved and do something so badly and I finally see that the opportunity is POSSIBLE!!! I want to contact companies and have coffee cups, t-shirts, bracelets, key chains, anything else we can get…pens, pencils, necklaces, anything at all from local and any sort of company that makes items such as those so for example fund raising companies that do personal labeling, local t-shirt printing companies, there are so many places that make these items personalized and I want this to be BIG!!! Just like breast cancer awareness has grown to be an international symbol and month of dedication… I will not give up until SIDS is honored and recognized nationwide as big as breast cancer awareness and even bigger!!! Our society does not talk about this like they should. As a parent who lost a child to SIDS you feel like you did something wrong, and you are ashamed that you could have done something, the education, knowledge, and the attention it deserves is not out there and it needs to be!!! I am very committed and I owe this to my son to make it happen. I could contact all these companies that develop the items we could sell as a fundraising and awareness item and have proceeds donated and we could have the blue and pink SIDS bow made, millions and dispersed, we can grow this into something huge so it gets the research and funding it needs and helps the awareness of this terrible life ending problem. This can be huge!!! I will make it huge. I am part of a very generous church that is huge and Nationwide and between the help from them not only volunteer wise but financial donations we are talking a lot of money which in turn will save lives…SIDS does not just take the life of the child, it takes the soul of the family with it left with no answers and it took me almost a year to get motivated and get excited to do this and open my eyes and my heart to the world again!!! My friends, church members, and social media together can do this…please give me this opportunity I will not let you down and this will become one of the most well known foundations in history!!!
I am 30 weeks pregnant with my last baby. After losing my son I didn’t think I could ever have another child and I planned not to, however heavenly father had another plan for me. I am scared to death to put my unborn baby girl down for a nap when she is born, I don’t know how I will do it. My anxiety is through the roof, but with this as my project and knowing I am doing something amazing I know I will have the strength to be the best mommy ever to my unborn daughter and I look forward to the future of future SIDS Awareness and Prevention Month!!!!!!!
I want fun runs, sports tournaments, news coverage, people standing on the roads all over town with nets on a stick like the firefighter do taking donations, I want neighborhood fairs and potlucks where a percentage of proceeds go to the foundation, I want pink and blue SIDS balloons, everyone wearing SIDS shirts for the activities especially what I want to call the SIDS Run…a let’s say 3 mile run where all proceeds to register are donations and given to the foundation and the runners wear the shirts. I want huge gathering there…food trucks, novelties for sale with SIDS Awareness and colors on them, auctions from local company donations, tickets sold for drawings to win prizes also donated by local companies and all proceeds to the foundation…and when I say local I will start it here and spread it across the states. I will find a way to be at every event and coordinate it and I guarantee as I am sure you also know that hundreds will step forward to volunteer as well…this is what I was meant to do in life, now I know it for sure…I want to do all of this…Go BIG or Go Home!!! I have hundreds of ideas of events that could be held in that one month of Spring to raise funds and most importantly spread awareness and education. I have an amazing group of people that will help me start this if I can have some leads and assistance from you and the go ahead to get started…through social media alone I can make this huge…I promise to not let you down. Since we are already running into summer I say that May because of Mother’s day and the great weather should be SIDS awareness month. We can start other fundraisers in the meantime and acquire ideas and volunteers over the next few months and by May 1st, 2019 we will have ourselves a full blown nationwide SIDS awareness month and so many different things to represent it, support the cause, raise money, get people involved, businesses, and educate…I know this can be done, thank you for your time I am so excited to hear from you!!!!!!!